Startups in tourism, technologies and trade
We create new opportunities in key sectors of the Turkey economy
3 STARS company is interested in creating new opportunities, launch startups to solve problems in key sectors of the Turkey economy and monetize benefits from projects.
Turkey is one of the five most popular holiday destinations in the world, and the tourism sector has been the fastest growing sector of the economy for many years, bringing more than 50% of the country's budget revenues.

In this direction the 3 STARS company identifies the needs of market participants and implements its own projects aimed at solving the problems faced by tourists, representatives of medium and small businesses in the tourism sector.
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Every year, the Turkish government allocates huge funds from the country's budget to support technology sector and tech startups implementation, focusing on the digitalization of all spheres of the country's economy.

In the field of Telecommunications and ICT sectors, 3 STARS is focused on introducing new technologies to solve problems in the tourism sector, as well as on digitalizing this sector with the possibility of further scaling projects.
Turkey is famous for products of agricultural sector, textile, mining, and chemical industries, which together with automotive industry and the production of household appliances, provide more than 40% of the country's income.

3 STARS is an active importer of technologies and digital solutions that are not present on the local market and is actively looking for partners interested in exporting products from the Turkish industry and agricultural sector.
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Sharing economy, internet of things, online payments, know your customer, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other solutions are at the core of 3 STARS startups.
Power2Impact is a power bank rental service brand originally from Barcelona, Spain. 3 STARS acquired this brand as well as hardware and software from Power2Go SL in January 2021.

Based on Power2Impact solution, the 3 STARS team working on a platform for the development and launch of franchises of power bank rental services in the international market according to the White Label concept - a cooperation model in which one company produces a product, and the other offers it to its customers in its own country under its own brand.

The partner's package will include client and partner portals, mobile applications for Android and iOS with a backend, as well as a selection of marketing materials with commercial proposals, branding of which can be done by the 3 STARS team in a short time.
The first powerbank and databank rental service in the Turkey based on Power2Impact solution.

Currently, the 3 STARS team is actively working on a platform to localize the Power2Impact solution to launch operations under the Pilveri brand.

Right now, we are updating the backend and frontend, we are choosing a telecom service provider, as well as looking for local partners and investors.
The first online service for renting SUP boards and accessories on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Our customers will be able to rent the necessary equipment for outdoor activities without leaving their home or hotel room, choosing delivery and return options directly on the website.

The website is under construction.
Marketplace for long-term and short-term rental real estate in Kemer and its nearest surroundings.

Apartvill customers will have access to the additional services for the sale of air tickets for charter flights, transfers, excursions, car rental and others provided by 3 STARS and its partners.

The website is under construction.
Digital Studio
A digital design and development studio from the 3 STARS team will help you accompany your online project.

Our studio is ready to offer its clients services for the development of corporate identity, websites, promo pages, applications and interfaces, web and 3D design, design of UX/UI products.

We also meet the stated budget and deadlines.
The 3 STARS team is much more than just a team - we are professionals in our field, open to the implementation of new ideas and projects.
Anna Saiko
Product management in telecom and fintech
Elena Eyrice
Texts for social networks and websites
Duygu Türkiliş
Finance and accounting
Professional accounting services for SME
Vladimir Repin
Website development
Project management and 3D modeling
Andrey Kashitsyn
Software and website development
Development in PHP, Python, Kotlin, C#, Java, SQL
Valentin Chernitsyn
Website development
Development in HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery
More than 15 years of experience in telecommunications, managing teams, implementing innovative projects and launching complex systems in the largest Russian operators - Rostelecom, Tele2, MTS and Megafon.
Anton Kopysov
Founder and owner

My name is Anton. I am 39 years old. I am married and have a wonderful son.

In August 2019, on the day our family moved to Kemer, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, I founded the 3 STARS company to implement my plans, ideas and rent a small hotel with 20-30 rooms.

The search for the hotel was delayed. I could not find an option that would meet the criteria for the cost and rental period, the condition of the hotel and its location, and after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to suspend all searches for a hotel.

I switched to looking for new opportunities and solutions to the problems that my family and I faced during the move and the first months of our life in Kemer.

Ideas for new startup projects began to ripen in my head, in which I could apply my 15 years of experience in telecommunications, make Kemer more open and friendly for tourists and people who, like our family, want to move to this beautiful place for permanent residence, to participate in the digitalization of the Turkish economy and in the development of cooperation between medium and small businesses of the two countries of Russia and Turkey.

So, the search for new opportunities led me to the ideas of creating several startups about which the 3 STARS team and I will share on the company's website.

Let us create new opportunities together!

Anton Kopysov, founder and owner of 3 STARS company

The 3 STARS is actively developing partnerships with developers of solutions in the field of finance, online appointments and bookings for the service and real estate industries.
Arslanbucak Mah. Çamarası Cad. No.: 2/6
07980 Kemer, Antalya Province, Turkey
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All the latest news from the 3 STARS company, as well as information about the latest achievements and past events, can be found on our website and on the pages of social networks.
Work with CloudPayments
July 4, 2021
3 STARS and CloudPayments have agreed to cooperate in the Republic of Turkey.
In August 2021, 3 STARS will be able to accept online payments from its customers.

In September 2021, 3 STARS will be able to offer SME’s in Turkey the following popular CloudPayments products:
- Payment widget - pop-up web form for accepting online payments
- Script Checkout - free payment web site form for accepting online payments
- SDK for mobile applications - a native payment form inside any mobile application based on iOS and Android
- Apple Pay and Google Pay - modern, convenient, and secure payment methods
- Recurring payments - accepting and processing auto payments or subscription payments
- Online checkout - automatic generation of receipts and returns online.

Partnership with TravelLine
June 10, 2021
3 STARS and TravelLine specializing in the development of automated systems, software and innovative tools for the hotel business, entered into a partnership agreement.

3 STARS is pleased to offer its customers the following TravelLine products and solutions:
- TL Booking Engine - online booking module for the site
- TL Channel Manager - module for managing sales channels (Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, Ostrovok, HRS, Agoda and others)
- TL WebPMS - hotel and hostel operation management system
- TL Reputation - hotel reputation management system
- TL Rate Shopper - a module for controlling the prices of competitors
- TL Price Optimizer - dynamic price management module
- TL Express - a constructor for creating bright and modern hotel sites.

Apartvill trademark
May 31, 2021
Türk Patent has registered the Apartvill trademark, which will help to secure the marketplace development in a highly competitive real estate market of Kemer and Antalya.

The Apartvill trademark is protected by the Turkish Trademark Protection Law for the following economic activities [codes] according to "Mal ve Hizmet Sınıflandırma Listesi":
- Provision of online trading platform, website, or marketplace services [35]
- Brokerage, consulting, and administrative services in real estate [36]
- News agency services [38]
- Services for temporary accommodation and booking of temporary accommodation [43]
- Services for booking and selling tickets [41]
- Services for the development, maintenance and updating of websites on behalf of others [42]

Real estate agency
April 7, 2021
Based on the results of studying at Atılım Akademi and successfully passing the exams, the owner of the 3 STARS company received a certificate of a real estate consultant, which allows Apartvill marketplace to act as a real estate agent on behalf of the company owner.

The fact is that back in September 2020, a law came into force in Turkey, according to which only the owner of a home or a legal entity, such as a real estate agency, can sell and rent real estate, as well as place advertisements for the sale of real estate or rent it out. having the right to this type of activity.
The presence of people intermediaries who are not eligible to participate in such transactions can lead to cancellation of the transaction, administrative fines, and restrictions on access to housing.

Cargo from Sup-club
February 26, 2021
The SUP-clubcompany, which has been developing SUP-surfing in Russia for more than 5 years, has become a strategic partner of 3 STARS and the supplier of SUP-boards, equipment, and accessories for the Suphero online SUP-board rental service.

The long-awaited shipment of SUP accessories and SUP boards from the famous Shark brand arrived in Kemer:
- Shark 10'6" All Round - for 1-2 riders with a total weight of up to 85 kg
- Shark 11' All Round - for 1-2 riders with a total weight of up to 120 kg
- Shark 12'6" Touring - for 2-3 riders with a total weight of up to 180 Kg
- Shark 15'2" Family - for swims in groups up to 3-5 riders with a total weight of up to 300 kg
- Shark 18' Kraken - for swims in groups up to 8 riders with a total weight of up to 1000 kg

Deal with Power2Go LS
January 13, 2021
3 STARS company has completed negotiations with Power2go LS company to acquire their all tangible and intangible assets of the Power2Impact brand of project which was launched in Spain as a first power bank rental network in Barcelona in 2019.

In the near future, the 3 STARS team will have to painstakingly localize the Power2Impact solution for the customers of the Republic of Turkey and transport more than 1 ton of equipment:
- 1324 power banks with a battery capacity of 8000 mAh
- 35 charging cabinets with 5 power banks for establishments with medium traffic
- 136 charging cabinets with 10 power banks for cafes and restaurants with high traffic
- 1 charging cabinet with 30 power banks for shopping centers, airports, exhibitions, and other places with extremely high traffic