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We create new opportunities in key sectors of the Turkey economy
3 STARS is interested in creating new opportunities and launching startups to solve problems in key sectors of the Turkish economy and monetize the benefits of these projects.
Türkiye is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, this is why the tourism sector has been the fastest-growing sector of the Turkish economy for many years, bringing more than 50% of the country's budget revenues.

In this direction, the 3 STARS company identifies the needs of market participants and implements its own projects to solve the problems faced by tourists, and representatives of medium and small businesses in the tourism sector.
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Every year, the Turkish government allocates huge funds from the country's budget to support technology startups and the implementation of technology projects, focusing on the digitalization of all spheres of the country's economy.

In the field of Telecommunications and ICT sectors, 3 STARS is focused on introducing new technologies to solve problems in the tourism sector, as well as on digitalizing this sector with the possibility of further scaling projects.
3 STARS is an active importer of products for medical institutions, measurement equipment for fiber and radio networks, water and air quality testers, smartphones and computers, active and passive ICT equipment, and technologies and solutions for many industries.

If you are a manufacturer of equipment or devices, technologies, or solutions not present in the local market, please feel free to contact us, and our team will help you find new customers in the Republic of Türkiye.
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3 STARS develops projects in the field of Tourism and Technology on the principles of the sharing economy, on transparency and automation of processes for a better customer experience.
We are happy to share our love for SUP surfing and offer our customers the SUPHERO service - one of the first startup projects launched by 3 STARS, and the first online service for renting inflatable SUP boards and SUP surfing accessories not only in Kemer but also on the entire Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Each SUPHERO kit includes an inflatable SUP board and all the necessary accessories that will complement the client's choice and help you immediately immerse yourself in SUP surfing or SUP yoga.

In addition to SUPHERO kits for light and heavy riders, pair or family riding, the project website offers the possibility of booking bicycles, motorcycles, tents, sleeping bags and other hiking equipment.
Marketplace for long-term and short-term rental of real estate in Kemer and its immediate surroundings for comfortable rest and living.

Currently, we are filling the database of properties in Kemer, Beldibi, Göynük, Kiriş and Çamyuva and are open to cooperation with homeowners, private realtors and real estate agencies.
A digital design and software development (DDSD) studio from 3 STARS team will help you with your online project.
Our studio is ready to offer its clients services for the development of corporate identity, websites, promo pages, applications and interfaces, web and 3D design, and UX/UI design of products.

DDSD Studio from 3 STARS - we meet the stated budget and deadlines.
Power2Impact is a power bank rental service brand from Barcelona, ​​Spain. 3 STARS purchased this brand and the hardware and software from Power2Go SL.

Currently, the 3 STARS team is actively working on localizing the solution. In addition, a platform is being developed for the development and launch of power bank rental service franchises in the international market according to the White Label concept - a cooperation model in which one company produces a product, and the other offers it to its customers in its own country under its own brand.

The partner package will include client and partner portals, mobile applications for Android and iOS with a backend, as well as a selection of marketing materials blanks.
3 STARS is actively developing partnerships to implement its own projects and to offer partner solutions in Turkey and other countries.
3 STARS is pleased to offer its customers partner solutions in the field of Internet acquiring, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, online appointments and bookings.
3 STARS, in cooperation with CloudPayments, offers the possibility of accepting online payments in Turkish Lira by opening an account with Kuveyt Türk Bank.

Although quite a few companies are offering online acquiring services in the Turkish market, none of them can boast of ease of registration, a high level of technical support and competitive rates for transaction fees.

If your bank provides corporate services to companies with foreign participation, offers its customers a multi-currency virtual POS, accepts payments with MIR cards and is interested in cooperation, please contact us.

For more information about renting software for processing payments under the SaaS model with a combined rate for banking and Internet acquiring up to 2.99% from 3 STARS, please see our website “Online Payments” section.
3 STARS, in collaboration with TravelLine, offers a single platform with a website, plug-ins and payment system for online sales and management of a hotel, resort, apartment, or recreation center.

Based in Estonia, the company has full-time employees or partners around the world, thanks to which more than 8,000 hotels in more than 50 countries have already chosen TravelLine solutions.

The integration of the TravelLine platform with the CloudPayments system is responsible for accepting payments in Turkey.
3 STARS, in cooperation with Torrow, offers business process automation and customer engagement solutions to SMBs in the service, rental or leisure industries.

A hotel or boarding house, a beauty salon or a hairdresser, a fitness or spa center, a car or yacht rental, an educational center for children or adults can automate the process of registering clients on a single platform.
3 STARS, in cooperation with VOCTIV, offers an omnichannel digital call center solution based on artificial intelligence technologies for incoming and outgoing calls, identification by voice print without passwords and code words, speech analytics for 360 ° information and behavioral monitoring and call quality control -center.

Solutions from VOCTIV have already helped the largest mobile and fixed-line operators, marketplaces and retailers, banks and other types of credit organizations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in digital transformation, simplifying business processes and achieving high economic efficiency of call centers.

In Turkey, Egypt and other developed tourism countries, we plan to reach out to a new market and offer AI solutions for hotel chains practicing "Courtesy Calls".
Contact us if you are interested in projects or partnership solutions from 3 STARS, partnerships and other options for mutually beneficial cooperation in Turkey or other countries.
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07230 Muratpaşa/Antalya Türkiye
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Information about current events and news of 3 STARS, as well as recent achievements and past events, can be found on our website or on social networks.
Work with CloudPayments
July 4, 2021
3 STARS and CloudPayments have agreed to cooperate in the Republic of Turkey.
In August 2021, 3 STARS will be able to accept online payments from its customers.

In September 2021, 3 STARS will be able to offer SME’s in Turkey the following popular CloudPayments products:
- Payment widget - pop-up web form for accepting online payments
- Script Checkout - free payment web site form for accepting online payments
- SDK for mobile applications - a native payment form inside any mobile application based on iOS and Android
- Apple Pay and Google Pay - modern, convenient, and secure payment methods
- Recurring payments - accepting and processing auto payments or subscription payments
- Online checkout - automatic generation of receipts and returns online.

Partnership with TravelLine
June 10, 2021
3 STARS and TravelLine specializing in the development of automated systems, software and innovative tools for the hotel business, entered into a partnership agreement.

3 STARS is pleased to offer its customers the following TravelLine products and solutions:
- TL Booking Engine - online booking module for the site
- TL Channel Manager - module for managing sales channels (Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, Ostrovok, HRS, Agoda and others)
- TL WebPMS - hotel and hostel operation management system
- TL Reputation - hotel reputation management system
- TL Rate Shopper - a module for controlling the prices of competitors
- TL Price Optimizer - dynamic price management module
- TL Express - a constructor for creating bright and modern hotel sites.

Apartvill trademark
May 31, 2021
Türk Patent has registered the Apartvill trademark, which will help to secure the marketplace development in a highly competitive real estate market of Kemer and Antalya.

The Apartvill trademark is protected by the Turkish Trademark Protection Law for the following economic activities [codes] according to "Mal ve Hizmet Sınıflandırma Listesi":
- Provision of online trading platform, website, or marketplace services [35]
- Brokerage, consulting, and administrative services in real estate [36]
- News agency services [38]
- Services for temporary accommodation and booking of temporary accommodation [43]
- Services for booking and selling tickets [41]
- Services for the development, maintenance and updating of websites on behalf of others [42]

Real estate agency
April 7, 2021
Based on the results of studying at Atılım Akademi and successfully passing the exams, the owner of the 3 STARS company received a certificate of a real estate consultant, which allows Apartvill marketplace to act as a real estate agent on behalf of the company owner.

The fact is that back in September 2020, a law came into force in Turkey, according to which only the owner of a home or a legal entity, such as a real estate agency, can sell and rent real estate, as well as place advertisements for the sale of real estate or rent it out. having the right to this type of activity.
The presence of people intermediaries who are not eligible to participate in such transactions can lead to cancellation of the transaction, administrative fines, and restrictions on access to housing.

Cargo from Sup-club
February 26, 2021
The SUP-clubcompany, which has been developing SUP-surfing in Russia for more than 5 years, has become a strategic partner of 3 STARS and the supplier of SUP-boards, equipment, and accessories for the Suphero online SUP-board rental service.

The long-awaited shipment of SUP accessories and SUP boards from the famous Shark brand arrived in Kemer:
- Shark 10'6" All Round - for 1-2 riders with a total weight of up to 85 kg
- Shark 11' All Round - for 1-2 riders with a total weight of up to 120 kg
- Shark 12'6" Touring - for 2-3 riders with a total weight of up to 180 Kg
- Shark 15'2" Family - for swims in groups up to 3-5 riders with a total weight of up to 300 kg
- Shark 18' Kraken - for swims in groups up to 8 riders with a total weight of up to 1000 kg

Deal with Power2Go LS
January 13, 2021
3 STARS company has completed negotiations with Power2go LS company to acquire their all tangible and intangible assets of the Power2Impact brand of project which was launched in Spain as a first power bank rental network in Barcelona in 2019.

In the near future, the 3 STARS team will have to painstakingly localize the Power2Impact solution for the customers of the Republic of Turkey and transport more than 1 ton of equipment:
- 1324 power banks with a battery capacity of 8000 mAh
- 35 charging cabinets with 5 power banks for establishments with medium traffic
- 136 charging cabinets with 10 power banks for cafes and restaurants with high traffic
- 1 charging cabinet with 30 power banks for shopping centers, airports, exhibitions, and other places with extremely high traffic